Dear Diary – April 2018

Dear Diary,

What a whirlwind this last month has been! Meeting new people, experiencing new things and doing things I never thought I would be doing. Its been an amazing month and I couldn’t be happier.

First things first – I met someone new this month and he’s amazing to me and for me. You know those people you met and its like BAM! Well, it was like that. I suffer from social anxiety so meeting new people is always hard for me but meeting him and being around him, it all faded away.  For the short amount of time we have known each other, I have never been on so many adventures and eye-opening experiences. Going to Brands Hatch to see the touring cars and F4 was a whole new experience for me and I love every single second of it despite the aching feet and the bad pains I got by the end of the day. The weekend after that, we spent the day in London going for long walks and a very expensive Chinese which just looking back on it, that meal makes me smile and laugh so much. I honestly can’t stop smiling when I’m with him.

April was the month where I picked myself up and thought ‘you know what, I am who I want to be’. April was the month where I restarted uploading blog posts and started planning YouTube videos. April was the month of self-discovery and I have not looked back.

I’m putting my best foot forward and expanding my horizons so to speak. This year is a me year from now.

The realization that college will be over in 2 months really scares me. It feels like yesterday that I was just applying and attending the open day. University is just around the corner and I can not wait to get stuck in and start following the next chapter of my life.

Let’s see what May has to offer me!

Until Next Time




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