From Troll to Princess

Todays post is a two in one! You get my make up routine and my most loved beauty products at the moment. Shout out to Katy for giving me the inspiration for this post – please check hers out here.


Naked faced and natural hair and the majority of the time I look like this and embrace the natural life. When I can be bothered, the makeup bag comes out and I follow these next steps.


Moisturising is key for me! I apply this nightly before I go to sleep and always before I prime my face to give my skin that extra boost!


This primer saves my life each time! I have combination skin so I’ll have very dry skin around my nose but my forehead and my chin get very oily so this helps controls the oil and helps my makeup stay in place all day.


Well, I was a donut and bought a foundation which was too dark for me but thanks to The Body Shop I am able to still use the foundation. These mixed together make my perfect shade and the foundation gives me a medium coverage without looking cakey. It settles into the skin well and lasts a long time too.


Cheap and cheerful concealer to hide those sleepless nights. I haven’t had any troubles with this concealer and I have been using this for years thanks to Zoella. This is my second tube since I don’t wear make up that often. I can’t praise this enough.


If I’m feeling brave, I’ll tempt a cheeky cream contour. I actually get along better with a cream contour rather than a powder but maybe I haven’t found my perfect shade yet. This blends out like a dream with my Real Techniques Sponge and I couldn’t have got a better shade.


The holy grail of face powders to me! I have used this powder since I started using makeup and I will continue to use it for the rest of my life or until it gets discontinued. It does the job its meant to by setting my makeup in place and keeping my oily skin in place.


I have very pale skin being a ginger and with needing very pale foundations – I get washed out! This bronzer is a perfect shade to add that healthy bronzed glow to my skin. This is a shimmery bronzer which I was not a fan of when I started using it but after a few times using it, I adore it!


Filling in my eyebrows has been a new thing for me over the last year. Thanks to this cute little palette, it fulfills all my needs. I am not the type to have very bold eyebrows and the powder gently fills them in.

Depending on the eye look I go for changes which highlighter I use. If I’m going for a smoky bronzed look (which I normally do til recently) I will use the bronze highlighter colour in my contour palette. If not, I will use a mixture of the two shades in the smaller compact. They are both from Revolution and the glow does pay off.

Until recently, I have only had brown shades of eyeshadows – yes I know this doesn’t look very different but! I bought this palette for the red/burgundy shades. I have heard so much about NYX eyeshadow palette but never invested in one. I have several of their matte lipsticks which I love. The pigment is insane on these shadows and I have never been more pleased with a makeup purchases. I adore the berry shade to create looks outside of my comfort zone to build up my confidence with makeup! Who knows, bright colours could be my next step!


I got these mascara from Groupon because I was running low and it was cheap. My Lash Sensation Waterproof isn’t very waterproof for me so I needed a waterproof one because if you know me well, I cry when I laugh and if I’m making an effort, I’m definitely off to see my friends who never fail to make me laugh. I have also got back into a habit of lining my waterline with a black liner instead of my Newlook one in white.


I saw this when I was doing my food shop and had to have it. It is my perfect nude shade to match my pale skin. The formula of these are gorgeous, very moussey and last for AGES!


And a very ginger Cinderella is now ready for the ball. I don”t own a setting spray so if any of you have a recommendation or any products to use, I am all ears!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed creating it and sharing my favourites with you!

Until Next Time


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