About Loz

Why is this page always the hardest to do? So you are here because you want to know more about little ol’ me! Well then, lets give you a few weird and wonderful facts!

  1. My name is Lauren but most people call me Loz
  2. I was born on 14th August 1996
  3. Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne but moved to Hampshire (long distance if you ask me!)
  4. Became a blogger/YouTuber to be able to express my views and opinions to help others
  5. I have a mad obsessions with Taylor Swift
  6. Future career plans is to be a chiropractor with blogging and YouTube on the side

If I’ve intrigued you enough to keep reading then you are in for a treat! Watch my YouTube video below to find out more!

Feel free to send me an email if you have an question or want to work with me – I’m friendly! welcometolozwonderland@gmail.com