A Little ‘Get To Know Me’

  I have done two videos on YouTube (one for my main channel and one shared channel with 3 other girls) regarding 25 Facts About Me. As you can see from the dates they were uploaded, they were a long time ago (oops!). Since there are more followers on this blog each day and I… Continue reading A Little ‘Get To Know Me’


The Autumn Tag

I saw this post by Katy who is a blogger on SomethingDifferent and a good blogger friend of mine and thought 'Hey! Why not give it a go!'. I'm always up for answered questions so here we go! Obviously this is a tag and if you see this and want to do it - crack… Continue reading The Autumn Tag

My Feel Good Playlist

Each person has their own music taste because everyone is different so I am not expecting my playlist to be everyone's cup of tea! My music taste varies on a daily basis. Some days I'll be really into my Punk/Rock, others I will be very into my good ol' days music and others I will… Continue reading My Feel Good Playlist